Weight loss diet for women

One of the recent issues in the world is obesity.8088447142_1a54c2491f These days more and more people suffer from obesity. Being over-weight doesn’t just cause embarrassment; it also leads to health problems.

Women lead a busy lifestyle and tend to ignore the needs of their body. A weight loss diet for women can be beneficial and can lead to a lesser number of women who suffer from obesity.

Causes of obesity:

People believe that lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet are the only causes of obesity but that is not true. Genetics, medical conditions, age, some medications and lack of sleep are certain factors that cause the body to gain weight.

Your risk of becoming obese can be determined if you share your medical conditions with your physician, who will then help you make changes in your lifestyle which will prevent you from gaining weight. Continue reading

Why yoga and music are the key for good health and wellbeing?

Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar founded the style of yoga known as “Iyengar Yoga”.

He was  considered one of the foremost teachers of yoga in the world and the world mourned his demise this week.

He once said –

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” – B K S Iyengar

Very true.

Music and yoga play a big role in the health and wellbeing of a person. To me, practicing ashtanga yoga while listening to music is the idea of nirvana.

You don’t have to rub crystals and listen to Yanni to get into the practice of yoga.

As I have evolved with yoga, so have my yoga playlists. Now, I don’t necessarily look for lyrics but go with the flow of music.

You need a yoga music playlist that keeps you upbeat without distracting you.

We are aware of the health benefits of yoga but did you know that various studies have revealed in the past that melody alone can lead to many advantages?

Let’s look at some of the benefits of music to health:

1 . Music Helps Avoid Chronic Back Discomfort:

Music can function around the autonomic nervous system. When slow rhythm music is played, the heartbeat and blood stress slow down, assisting individuals take breaths more gradually, thus decreasing muscle tension in the shoulders, neck, stomach and back.

Specialists have also found that music decreases psychological tension. When people really feel pain, they become frustrated, frightened and angry causing them to tense countless muscles in their back. A normal habit of listening to music assists bodies relax mentally and physically, thus assisting to ease and avoid back pain.

Psychologists state that listening to music for about 25 minutes a day, ten days in a row, might help avert back discomfort and make one sleep much better. They think any kind of classical composition,  for example Beethoven or Mozart, might help ease muscle discomfort. Slow and calm music is also believed to help.

2. Music Improves workout:

Specialists claim during physical exercise music can give a better exercise inside a quantity of ways. Specialists say it can increase mood, grow endurance and can distract individuals from any uneasiness experienced all through the exercise.

Also, study showed that listening to music after a workout can lead to a faster recovery of the physique. What is more, it appears that any kind of music might help the physical recovery procedure, that is among the surprising health advantages of music.

Researchers observed the effects of 12 males riding a bicycle for ten minutes while listening to music over the course of a day. They compared the effects from the first day with the effects from the same men riding bikes with out music for ten minutes the next day. Around the days that the males exercised listening to music, they traveled 11 % additional compared to the days they didn’t listen to music.

Some studies recommend that music can help the release of endorphins – the all-natural “feel good” hormones that increase people’s mood and give inspiration to continue longer with an physical exercise routine. The best kind of music for physical exercise is believed to become higher tempo and higher energy, music like hip-hop or dance music.

3. Music Induces A Meditative State:

Listening to slow, calm musical beats can alter brain-wave speed by producing brain activity comparable to that which is observed when a person meditates or is inside a hypnotic state. Some studies show that using rhythmic stimuli like music to encourage these states can have a therapeutic outcome, easing migraines, Premenstrual syndrome as well as behavioral problems.

4. Music Can Help Unwind Individuals Prior To and After Surgery:

Another surprising well being benefit of music is that it can relax individuals before and following surgery.

One study discovered that listening to music helped maintain cardiovascular surgery individuals relaxed as they awaited their operations.

Other research revealed that listening to music while resting in bed after open heart surgery helped to put individuals at ease and reduce their stress levels.

5. Music Helps to Keep An Aging Brain Healthy

Research has shown that having musical coaching along with listening to or playing music in old age can help keep the brain healthy, primarily when it ages. Considering that listening to music is a lot like training the mind, one can expect the advantages of much better ability to remember and mental sharpness as they age.

Even individuals with some kind of neural injury can gain back partial or complete access to memories (contingent upon severity) by listening to music, since listening could actually help draw on old memories and neural designs due to the fact that the cycle and sounds of music stay inside the center of the mind for a long period.

6. Music Improves Feeling of Happiness

As mentioned before, music has the ability to do so much. It’ll make you feel happy, miserable, fired up and even energized. Listening to music that hits one in a unique way will cause your brain to release dopamine which is called as a feel good chemical.

It causes us to feel sentiments like happiness, excitement, joy, and many others. Listening to songs provides us with the identical rush of happiness that we would get out of eating a piece of candy, sexual activity or even certain drugs.

An additional research revealed that music with a rapid tempo in major key made people feel happy, whereas music having a slower beat in a minor key more readily resulted in emotions of despair.

7. Music Enhances Sleep Quality

Probably the most typical things to obstruct sleep are anxiety and stress (heart rates.) Since music has the ability to impact both in a beneficial way, numerous studies have found that listening to music at various times helps bring about much better sleep patterns for individuals and even developed more relaxing sleeps. Sometimes music might even have the capacity to be used to successfully deal with insomnia.

8. Music Boosts The Immune System & Minimizes Pain

Studies have revealed that music is capable of decreasing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, that is the cause of weakening the immune system, raising likelihood of cardiovascular disease, interfering with learning plus memory, bringing down bone strength and density, blood pressure levels, etc.

Research found out that by simply listening to just 50 min’s of enjoyable songs, the amount of antibodies in the body improves.

While different kinds of music weren’t examined, it is recommended one listens to music they like as personal choice for music does have an effect on all round physical results.

If you came to read this far, you would have definitely enjoyed the post. I hope you harness the power of yoga and music in your life.

Enjoy the Playlist :)